Rapid Craft 1

2007  Oxman, N., Proceedings of UbiComp: International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing. September; Innsbruck, Austria, 534-538

ABSTRACT: A clear distinction generally exists between processes of design generation and processes of design production. The profusion of digital fabrication tools and technologies make evident such distinctions in the context of design production but at the same time carry potential for material and fabrication-based processes promoting generative design methods. Such strategic application and customization of digital fabrication tools, inherent in and inclusive to the process of design generation, require the knowledge and skill-set of production associating material to its fabrication and assembly methods. The paper addresses the area of material fabrication based design and the term rapid craft is proposed to suggest that certain skills acquired through fabrication-customization processes may contribute to fabrication-guided design protocols. Through the demonstration of some design experiments for responsive structural skin systems the paper classifies three forms of fabrication-informed production processes in which the notion of Rapid Craft is manifested through material selection, fabrication-method and assembly logic corresponding to sewing, lathing and weaving techniques respectively. The conception, development and application of such classification express a shift in contemporary design discourse promoting the notion of fab-finding in the context of generative processes of design.

Rapid Craft

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