Physical Feedback in Fabrication Information Modeling (FIM): Analysis and Discussion of Exemplar Cases across Media, Disciplines and Scales

2015  J. Duro Royo, L. Mogas Soldevila and N. Oxman , Proceedings of the eCAADe 33rd Annual Conference, Real Time: Extending the Reach of Computation, Vienna


Novel digital fabrication platforms enable the designand constructionofmaterially sophisticated structures with high spatial resolution in manufacturing. However, virtual-to-physical workflows and their associated software environments are yet to incorporate such capabilities. Our research setsthe  stage  for seamless physicalfeedback  workflows  across  media,  disciplines  and  scales.  We  have  coined  the  term Fabrication  Information  Modeling  (FIM)  to  describe  this  approach.  As  preliminary  methods  we  have developed four computational strategies for the design and digital construction of custom systems. These methods are presented in the context ofspecific design challengesand include a biologically drivenfiber construction algorithm; an anatomically drivenshell-to-wearable translation protocol; an environmentally-driven  swarm  printing  system;  and  a  manufacturing-driven  hierarchical  fabrication  platform.We  discuss and analyze these four challenges in terms of their capabilities to integrate design across media, disciplines and  scalesthrough  concepts  such  as multi-dimensionality, media-informed  computation  andtrans-disciplinary data. Access CFP here.

Physical Feedback in Fabrication Information Modeling (FIM)

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