Designing the Ocean Pavilion: Biomaterial Templating of Structural, Manufacturing, and Environmental Performance

2015  L. Mogas Soldevila, J. Duro Royo, M. Kayser, D. Lizardo, W. Patrick, S. Sharma, S. Keating, J. Klein, C. Inamura, and N. Oxman , Proceedings of the International Association for Shell and Spatial Structures (IASS) Symposium, Amsterdam


Driven by novel  biomaterials  design  and  natural aqueous  formation, this  researchoffersa  newstructural  design perspective  combining  a  crustacean-derived  biopolymer  with  robotic  fabrication  to shapeconstructsthat interact with the environment utilizinggraded material properties for hydration-guided  formation. We  establish structural,  manufacturing, and environmental design  templating strategiesinforming the design of the constructsand theirmaterial makeup. Wepresent a biomaterial-driven  design  process  resulting  in  a novel  structural  system  and  a custom  robotic  manufacturingplatform  designed  to  deposit water-based composites unveiling  novelfunctional,  mechanical,  and optical  gradients  across  length  scales. Components  are  form-found  through  evaporation  patterns informed  by  the  geometrical  arrangement  of  structural  members  and  the  hierarchical  distribution  of material  properties.  Each  component  is  designed  to  take  shape  upon  contact  with  air  and  dissolveupon   contact   with   water. We   present   the   principles   and   method   applied   as   a   unique   case demonstrating  the  material  ecology  design  approach  through  additive  manufacturing  of  lightweight, biocompatible  and  materially  heterogeneous  structures.  Initial  resultsdemonstrate  a  wide  range  of structural  behaviorsthatrepresent a  novel approach  to material-informed biodegradable structure formation by design and hold great promise for the future of sustainable manufacturing. Access the CFP here.

Designing the Ocean Pavilion

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