ACADIA 08 Silicon+Skin: Biological Processes and Computation

2008  Kudless, A., Oxman, N., and Swackhamer, M. (Ed.), Proceedings of the 28th Annual Conference of the Association for Computer Aided Design in Architecture (ACADIA),

Summary from website:  Biological processes, computing and design make an inconvenient mix, a mix that challenges us to broaden our academic horizons at a time when we are thirsty for creative solutions to unprecedented global problems and opportunities. More than a mixture, it is about forming rhizomatic connections between these three systems of knowledge, brought together through design, mediated by computing and inspired by the wisdom ensconced in biological processes that have evolved over billions of years. The last few years together represent a watershed time for ACADIA. Themes ranging from digital fabrication, smart environments, expanding bodies, and synthetic landscapes have been taken up in the recent past. This year’s conference marks yet another year of pushing the envelope with a subject matter that is still on the frontiers of the emerging (and emergent) knowledge. ACADIA is proud to play a vanguard role in leading and facilitating this discourse. To this end, the outstanding team of conference chairs has put together a unique and exciting program. I would like to thank the chairs for their boldness, hard work and resourcefulness in bringing together a remarkable array of people, things, systems, and topics to the table. All evidence points to the emergence of ACADIA as THE forum for vanguard explorers from multiple disciplines. Link to website.


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