Tipping Points: Diverse Perspectives on Change

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July 05 2016

Neri Oxman to speak as part of Infor conference July 12th. From the website: Infor COO Pam Murphy will moderate a special general session at Inforum 2016: "Tipping points: Diverse perspectives on change," hosted by Women's Infor Network. 2016 has brought the world to a tipping point—politically speaking, of course, as well as in business, technology, science, and human rights. In moments of transition, we're vulnerable. Decisions feel heavier. But in these moments, there's also more room for opportunity. At this special session—1 p.m. Tuesday, July 12—four tenacious change-makers will tell stories about critical moments of transition. Joining Murphy will be:

Karina Hollekim, professional skier, BASE jumper, and coach
Lara Logan, television and radio journalist and war correspondent
Neri Oxman, designer, architect, and professor
Nontombi Naomi Tutu, race, gender, and human rights activist

These leaders will share experiences and perspectives on change. Hollekim will share her story of recovery from a failed parachute jump and talk about those moments that can change our lives forever-a story about willpower and passion. Logan will shed light on the current global political environment and her career as a war correspondent. Oxman will discuss her approach for adapting sustainable, nature-derived concepts to tackle our most daunting challenges in design, business, and the environment. Tutu will talk about her life's biggest challenges with discrimination, her passion for human dignity, and the critical moment we're in right now in global human rights.

Women's Infor Network (WIN) is a program that's focused on recruiting, mentoring, and supporting Infor women and cultivating their talent into leadership positions at Infor and beyond. Register for Inforum 2016 today and be sure to register for this popular session by adding it to your schedule in the Agenda Builder and mobile application, so all who wish to attend can be accommodated.

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