Printing to the Nth Dimension

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March 29 2014

About the Inside 3D Printing conference:

From the website: 3D printing is revolutionizing manufacturing, enabling new products, and impacting business processes. Inside 3D Printing Conference & Expo, has gained a reputation for producing high quality seminars and a wide range exhibitions worldwide. And now another dimension has been added - Maker Summit & Pavilion. Under one roof all levels of 3D Printing interest are covered whether an attendee is interested in the future of bioprinting to making custom jewelry. Also new at Inside 3D Printing is a workshop day (April 2). Inside 3D Printing brings together the 3D printing universe and prepares you to take advantage of "The Third Industrial Revolution". Don't miss out! Partake in workshops, seminars for every interest level, networking to explore business opportunities, policy consideration, and the latest 3D printers and services.

Printing to the Nth Dimension by Neri Oxman

The world of design has been dominated since the Industrial Revolution by the rigors of manufacturing and mass production. Assembly lines have dictated a world made of parts framing the imagination of designers and builders who have been taught to think about their design objects and systems in terms of assemblies of discrete parts with distinct functions. My group is developing new approaches to digital design and fabrication that allow us to create functional “part-less” products through printing with high spatial control and the use of multifunctional materials. In our design, function is distributed as opposed to being localized thus enabling a higher degree of function. Operating at the intersection of design, computation, biology and materials science, I will present our most recent work, research and vision for the future of design through additive manufacturing.

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