New Exhibit @ Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery

New Exhibit @ Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery image

ART-O-MATIC: Art Meets New Technologies

November 01 2012

From the website:
Today, when we hear of artists working with new technologies, we might imagine kinetic, interactive, or computer-activated works, but both the brush and throwing wheel were once considered new technologies. This exhibition explores object scanning, computer-generated form manipulation and 3-D printing, all of which embody Rapid Prototyping technology. While some artists switch back and forth between analogue and digital tools, others work exclusively in digital formats. Either way, these artists are experiencing a massive shift in the way they approach their studio practice both physically and conceptually. Coming from both Canada and the USA, the artists in this exhibition are at the forefront of creating new forms and inventing a new relationship to art and art-making.


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