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June 10 2016

From the website: GAM.12: Structural Affairs introduces various constellations and forms of contemporary architecture production that have evolved through the development and the design of architectural structures. With close collaboration among architects, civil engineers, and building-industry representatives, structural engineering associates the individual steps related to tectonical shaping, structural planning, and technical fabrication. This highly innovative, interdisciplinary field of research in architecture and the engineering sciences is continually subjected to changes due to software development and also new materials and jointing technologies. GAM.12: Structural Affairs probes the potentials and synergies of this development as applied to architectural practice and puts up for discussion current projects, explorative questions, and theoretical positions.

Highlighted is Medeaited Matter's Water-based Fabrication Platform. Lead researchers include Jorge Duro-Royo, Laia Mogas-Soldevila and Daniel Lizardo. Additional researchers include: James Weaver, William Patrick, Steven Keating, Sunanda Sharma, Markus Kayser, John Klein, Chikara Inamura, Prof. Neri Oxman.

Special gratitude to Prof. Martin Bechthold for including Medaited Matter's research.

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