Digital Cities at the Bauhaus, Dessau

Digital Cities at the Bauhaus, Dessau image

April 09 2007

Neri Oxman lectured at the 'Digital Cities' conference held at the Bauhaus, Dessau in June, 2007. The conference was sponsored by DAAD. Other speakers included Gisela Baurmann - Büro NY, New York, Alain Chiaradia - Space Syntax, London, Jürgen Mayer - J. Mayer H Architects, Berlin, Yusuke Obuchi - DRL Architectural Association, London, Kas Oosterhuis - ONL Architects, Rotterdam, Matias del Campo - SPAN, François Roche - R&Sie(n), Paris and Neil Leach. Proceedings from the conference are to be published in an issue of Architectural Design entitled: 'Digital Cities'. Thank you Matias for the images.

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