Announcing the MIT Smart Cities Workshop

Announcing the MIT Smart Cities Workshop image

September 04 2007

The Smart Cities design workshop is a multidisciplinary and collaborative studio environment that focuses on the major issues facing cities today. Global warming, energy efficiency, congestion, local pollution, increased urban density are challenging current building and transportation standards. The Smart Cities group has focused on several projects that have examined the entire city ecosystem that have yielded synergistic opportunities ranging from the design of mobile (vehicles) to static (buildings and streets) elements of the city and everything in between. This term the Smart Cities workshop will offer both short and long term projects that tackle these issues head-on in the context of academic-industry collaborations. The projects this term include: Light Electric Vehicle (LEV) Project, Concept Scooter project with Sanyang Industry Corporation (SYM), City Car project with General Motors (GM).

Instructor: Professor William J. Mitchell
Teaching Assistant: Neri Oxman
MIT Course Collaborators: William Lark Jr., Ryan Chin, Michael Lin, Raul-David “Retro Poblano”, Andres Sevtsuk
Contact: Ryan Chin
Link to Smart Cities Group @ MIT Media Lab

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