Keynote Lecture @ AM Conference

Keynote Lecture @ AM Conference image

June 05 2012

The 7th International Conference on Additive Manufacturing (AM) will focus on research and application of additive manufacturing for the production of end-use components, including process, materials, design and software development together with supply chain and management issues. To maintain it's position as the leading global conference on additive manufacturing, the 2012 event will feature a strong lineup of invited academic and industrial speakers from around the world. The conference will be hosted by the world leading "Additive Manufacturing Research Group" at Loughborough University and is anticipated to attract an audience of over 200 international delegates. As in previous years, the conference will also play host to the ASTM F42 International Standards Group, which is working on the development of dedicated standards for the AM sector. The group meeting, which will take place after the close of the conference on Wednesday 11th July and continue throughout Thursday 12th July, is open to all conference delegates free of charge.


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