Material Ecology 1

Material Ecology

2013  Rivka Oxman, Robert Oxman, Routledge, 400 Pages

A comprehensive volume exploring theories of the digital in architecture, highlighting important thematic connections across design, architecture, digital models, techniques and technologies. Preface Introduction: Vitruvius Digitalis Rivka Oxman and Robert Oxman Part 1: Theory: A Universe of Discourse Part 2: Form: From Composition to Generation Part 3: Performance/Generation: From Analysis to Informed Synthesis Part 4: Parametrics: The Design of Multiplicities Part 5: Morphogenesis: Bio-inspired Evolutionary Design Part 6: Tectonics: From Form to Material Tectonics Part 7: Materialization: Materialization Processes and Design Technologies Part 8: Material Fabrication: Design Technologies of Digital Materiality Part 9: Responsive/Dynamic/Adaptive Part 10: Epistemology: Disciplinary Knowledge of Digital Design in Architecture

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