3D Printing, Nature, and the Industry Renaissance 1

3D Printing, Nature, and the Industry Renaissance

2018  Sarah Anderson Goehrke, 3dprint, February 2018

From the website:

A revolution marks a sea change, a hard resetting of the status quo; a renaissance is, literally, a rebirth. While a revolution is typically relatively short in duration and punctuated by some fundamental shift that changes a paradigm, often political, a renaissance is a process in itself that brings about a more gradual shift in thinking. Historically, for example, the 18th century French Revolution saw a monarchy overthrown to restructure the government, while the European Renaissance of the 14th-17th centuries saw a long-term bridge into the modern era with a rising focus on art, culture, and humanism. The difference between revolution and renaissance comes down to a few factors, many of them philosophical, and often seeing an overlap of revolutions within a renaissance.

While we hear often of the next Industrial Revolution, at this week’s SOLIDWORKS World in LA, we heard another way of considering the 21st century’s new ways of thinking, designing, and manufacturing allowed for with the growth in technologies.

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