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December 09 2016

Neri Oxman will present at the World Minds conference in Zurich, on December of 2016.

From the website: WORLD.MINDS ( is a hand-picked community of individuals with proven contributions in science, the arts and business. Once a year they organize a splendid symposium, in addition to smaller events held throughout the year on a variety of science topics.

The WORLD.MINDS community is comprised of such luminaries as Nobel Prize Winner Kurt Wüthrich, Nobel Prize Winner Rolf Zinkernagel, Germany’s former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder, Swiss Federal Chancellor Walter Thurnherr, philosopher and conscious researcher Daniel Dennett (Tufts), Christoph Franz (Chairman of Roche), Ton Büchner (CEO of AkzoNobel), Matt Ridley (author of the bestselling „The Rational Optimist“), NYU’s Paul Romer, Josh Greene (Harvard), Jonathan Haidt (NYU), Christian von Mering (Bioinformatics, University of Zurich), Mark Spiegler (CEO Art Basel), Marc Forster (James Bond Movie Director), Claudio Feser (CEO McKinsey), Christof Koch (Chief Science Officer, The Allen Institute, Seattle), Leslie Dewan (Board Member of MIT Corporation), and many others.

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